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                                                                                            Great ESSENTIAL OILS for Calmness 2021





Hello There!!  yes YOU!! Have you ever felt the stress and the uncertainity of 2020 crept to 2021?

The Sleeplessnights , tossing backand forth (waking up feeling tired, ) boring zoom meetings ???Yawning,

 You need that one more hour of sleep or very strong Black coffee ( if you do )


 Surrounded by your spouse and your children are both doing their work at home,

Little space, crammed, papers & toys that you stepped ( ouch!) 

Nonstop interrruptions(from the televison, the dog is barking& kids in the background) 

 if you have older kids ( Thankgoodness right ? no! its more stricter rules on the computer,& their social activities after school work)


(  I can hear you screming for help ! ) Have no fear   Ria is here:)


*Let's Start with a Warm good feeling.
Cinnamon - This scent help with you memory, provide a warm feeling, and is an anti-inflammatory.( Superb!)


 *Who does not want A Strong IMMUNE system?? ( BYE BYE flu,cough  ugly sinuses ,COVID19 Hopefully!!!)
Frankincense -t  It can help prevent weight gain and support your immune system. YES YES!!!



*Therapeutic Grade Organic coconut oil Basil Essential Oil Bergamot Essential Oil Eucalyptus Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil Peppermint Essential Oil How to use: 1. Roll on hands, rub hands together and take a large inhale 2. Apply to Pressure Points: Temples, Behind the ear, Bottom of feet, and Inside of Wrist


If you are new to using essential oils and want to jump start GO with Lavender it helps you relax!!

  * PS   I have plenty more  information about essential oils, please do email me rias.touch.massage@gmail.com

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