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Gift Certicate
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Gift Certificates

Step: 1

First select what type of Massage Certificate only

We have many types of massages to choose from. You can click on the arrow on the right next to " Relaxing 60 Min Massage $70 This will bring up a list of available  services select which one best suits your gift


Paying Options.

After you have selected the Massage gift certificate.

You will fill information. 

You can choose to pay with a credit card. Click proceed payment 



Where do you want your Massage gift Certificate to go.



 You can choose to have the certificate emailed or mailed to you.


   Below are the 2 options!!

 If you would like to have the cert emailed to you . Please email us at

rias touch.massage@ & we will send you a blank gift cert to you so you can write and print at your convenience.


 The 2nd option is

 If  you wish to have the gift certificate slow-mailed, please email us & we will send it to your billing address.  All gift cert must be presented during the appointment

 ( has 1 year expiry date)







Confirm Purchase


After you have entered in all of your information and selected how you wish to receive the gift certificate.  Pls email us  how you would like gift certificate slow mail  or email with your receipt 

                                                                           YOU GET ONE FOR YOURSELF TOO!

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